Supreme Mattress

Designed to be firmer, with a balance of comfort and support providing an amazing value overall.

Supreme Mattress

Supreme Mattress

(90 x 190 x 20 cm)

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Supreme Mattress

Air ventilation

Supreme Mattress

Cool gel comfort

Supreme Mattress

Zero-pressure memory foam

Supreme Mattress

Ergonomic support

Supreme Mattress

Removable cover

Supreme Mattress features

1. AdaptiveTM Fabric with Sofa Fabric Border

Inner Cover:
2. Jersey Fabric Inner Cover

Foam Core:
3. Cool Gel Memory Foam
4. Aeroflow Support Foam
5. High Resilient Foundation Foam

Cover Base:
6. Non-slip with Zipper on the border

Our Award-Winning Signature Mattress.


Breathable open-cell top layer keeps body cool and offers extra bounce.


Transition layer provides consistent weight distribution across the mattress.


High-density memory foam relieves pressure points.

Zoned Ergonomic Support

Contour-cut base layer guarantees high durability and long lifespan while realigning spine.

Hassle-Free Cleaning

Premium zip-off knit cover with hidden handles that stay durable through years of washing.

Zero-Pressure Innovation Leadership of Memory Foam Industry

Clinical trials showed that 23.3% of the patients had prolonged deep sleep

Reducing sleep time by 53% in people with sleep disorders

Improvement of Sleep Physiological Indicators in Subhealthy Population

Data Source: Authoritative Trial Report of Dalian Viteo International Hospital

Disperse body pressure

Significantly reduce sleeping turnovers. Relax your body for deep sleep.

Prolong deep sleep

Extend sleep depth and length of sleep by 23.3% according to clinical evidence

Enjoy a quiet night's sleep solely

Wake up and turn over without disrupting each other's sleep

Suitable for all body types

Fit any body shapes, from head to toe.

A year-round constant sense of comfortable sleep

Ensures a good night’s sleep all year round

Pass the international authority SGS

Zero formaldehyde test certification

Working Principle of Zero-Pressure Foam

Zero-pressure foam absorbs and disperses human pressure

Promotes deep sleep

Fits into any body shape, from head to foot

Tossing and turning will not interfere with your sleep experience

MLILY Non-Temperature Zero-pressure Compression Technology ensures you a comfortable sleep throughout the year

Let you enjoy a refreshing Zero-pressure sleep all year round

Since 2012, Many Patents Have Been Granted for Non-Temperature-Sensitive Zero-Pressure Foam

China Patent Certification of Non-Temperature Sensor Zero-pressure foam

U.S. Patent Certification for Non-Thermosensitive Zero-pressure foam

Denmark Patent Certification for Non-Thermosensitive Zero-pressure foam

Canadian Patent Certification for Non-Thermosensitive Zero-pressure foam

Selected Raw Materials with High Standard Requirements

MLILY continuously innovates, develops and produces environmentally-friendly raw materials

Healthy, environmental-friendly and pollution-free

Feel at ease every time you sleep at zero-pressure

Strict Control of Production Accuracy

In order to ensure the quality of each product, MLILY independently develops the machinery and equipment, accurately measures raw material proportion, strictly controls the constant temperature and pressure production environment, greatly reduces the probability of products not meeting the standard, and gives you a reliable zero-pressure product.

Quality Control Throughout The Process Is The Same

Safe Product Quality




Quality Tests


Durability Tests

MLILY quality controllers always adhere to the quality control principle of full-line quality inspection and random inspection. They inspect the quality of products such as colour detection, fabric detection, zero-embossing detection, component detection and performance detection meticulously.

Our Mattresses Have
International Security Certification 

SGS authentication

SGS is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company which is an enterprise that has been recognized by the American Industrial Hygiene Association and many other professions at home and abroad. SGS0 formaldehyde detection data is accurate to ensure that each MLILY product has 0 formaldehyde residue.

Authoritative certification of European standard and American Standard

CERTIPUR certification is about foam products. It is a certification regarding the safety, environmental protection and health. The products authorized to use the label are all tested by an independent laboratory to ensure that they pass a series of strict tests such as physical performance, indoor emissions and environmental management.

Oeke-Tex Standard 100

Oeko-Tex Standard 100,Eco-textile certification is the most authoritative and influential textile eco-label in the world. The products have been tested and certified by famous textile certification agencies in 15 countries around the world.

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