Zero-Pressure Innovation Leadership of Memory Foam Industry

Clinical trials showed that 23.3% of the patients had prolonged deep sleep

Reducing sleep time by 53% in people with sleep disorders

Improvement of Sleep Physiological Indicators in Subhealthy Population

Data Source: Authoritative Trial Report of Dalian Viteo International Hospital

Disperse body pressure

Significantly reduce sleeping turnovers. Relax your body for deep sleep.

Prolong deep sleep

Extend the depth and length of sleep by 23.3% according to clinical evidence

Enjoy a quiet night's sleep solely

Wake up and turn over without disrupting each other’s sleep

Suitable for all body types

Fit any body shapes, from head to toe.

A year-round constant sense of comfortable sleep

Ensures a good night’s sleep all year round

Pass the international authority SGS

Zero formaldehyde test certification