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Not Sure Which Mattress Suits You Best?

Have you been walking around furniture shops like Harvey Norman and IKEA or attending numerous home expos looking for the right mattress? Getting the right mattress is important. A good mattress can help you improve your mood and productivity as well as reduce stress level. Not sure how to decide which mattress suits you best? Worry not, here’s a checklist for you.


How to decide which mattress suits you best?

  1. Size matters
    Take your lifestyle and life’s possible changes into account. If you tend to roll around in bed, you might want to get a king size bed. If you’re living alone or in a studio apartment, you might want to get a single bed.
  2. Firmness of the bed
    There’s no standard measurement when it comes to firmness. That’s why you might see advertisements with words like ‘firm’ and ‘extra firm’. However, only you yourself know the right degree of firmness for your body thus, for yourself thus, it is crucial for you to try the mattress out before purchasing it.
  3. Know your options
    Mattress construction has come a long way. There are various forms of mattresses in the market nowadays. These are some of the most common ones:

    - Innerspring Mattress
    This is the cheapest and most common type of mattress. It has a great support system but sadly, not that durable.

    - Memory Foam Mattress
    This type of mattress is trending these days. It has amazing cushioning effects and can adapt to any body shape for better sleep. It can be quite costly but once you're tried it, every cent is well spent.

    -Latex Foam Mattress
    This comes in either natural, synthetic or a blend of both. It is similar to memory foam but the elasticity from latex offers hugging effect to your body. It is suitable for those who enjoy being cuddled while they sleep.

    - Air Mattress
    This type of mattress allows you to customise the firmness according to your liking. Some designs allow you to even customise each half of the bed separately.
  4. Budget
    Now that you know which type suits you best, it's time to look at your allocated budget for a mattress. You should not be too frugal when it comes to mattress but not overspend to the point of burning a hole in your wallet.
  5. Notable Brands
    You might be tempted to purchase a cheaper mattress from an unknown brand that offers similar features. Trust us, they cut many corners in order to offer such attractive price. It will be a place where you spend at least 6 hours a day. Make sure you get one from a notable brand so that you can be well-rested after a hectic and productive day.


MLILY Is The Right Choice For You

The MLILY Elite Series satisfy everything stated in the checklist above. It’s available in various sizes, so just choose the one that is able cater to all your needs. 

Its ergonomic support ensures zero pressure is exerted on your body when you sleep. This series take the mattress to a whole new level by not just offering a normal memory foam but a bamboo-infused one which keeps the odour, moisture and temperature under its absolute control. With your budget in mind, MLILY offers competitive pricing along with brand recognition that would ensure the quality of your mattress. MLILY is a mattress manufacturer that is globally recognised and partnered with Manchester United Football Club.