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Zero Pressure Technology
Zero Pressure Foam

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Our Mission

Ever since we started from the bottom of the sleep health industry in 2008, we aimed to educate the people on the importance of deep sleep and the positive impact of a good mattress on their daily lives. We went through thick and thin in designing a mattress that stands out among all mattress brands. That’s how we came up with our very own Zero-Pressure Memory Foam product and the tagline ‘Redefining Sleep’. It conveys the message of our mission, which is to change people’s perception towards bed and sleep.

With years of hard work since 2011, we have expanded into 73 nations including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Italy, South Korea, Japan, and more.Our global partnership deal with Manchester United Football Club in 2016 was another feather in our cap. We are honoured to announce ourofficial launch in Malaysia in May 2019. With that, we are committed to bringing ultra-comfortable mattresses and pillows to all Malaysians.

We Know the Importance of Deep Sleep

Understanding that many people experience trouble sleeping well every night, we strive to create a bed that benefits your health and lifestyle.A constant lack of proper sleep leads tolethargy, weight gain, a decline in productivity level and efficiency, as well as mental and physical health issues. Therefore, our team of sleep scientists are constantly researching and developing various technologies in mattresses that can improve your sleep quality.

Apart from building the most advanced mattress for our customers, we understand the importance and impact of corporate social responsibility. As a big corporate that receives a great amount of support from the community, we are committed to giving back to those in need. This is why we partner up with local non-profit organisations like Community Recycle for Charity (CRC) and Salvation Army for our free old mattress disposal service. The old mattresses are going to be a safe haven that provides comfort for the underprivileged.

As much as you wish for your pleasant dreams to continue during your sleep, we are also keeping up with scientific research on deep sleep and creations of the best mattress out there. MLILY is always here to help you with your dreams, both literally and figuratively. We look forward to serving you and satisfying your sleep needs!